PayPal Fraud and Carding Are More Popular Than Bitcoin On The Deep Web

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Many people often associate Bitcoin with illegal and fraudulent activity on the Internet. But a new study goes to show Bitcoin is not being used for illicit activity as often as one might think. In fact, carding and PayPal fraud remain the two biggest payment threats on the internet right now. A renewed interest in these types of activity is coming from the deep web, which will hardly surprise anyone.

The study conducted by Ericsson Marin, Paulo Shakarian and Ahmad Diab paints an interesting picture of online criminal activity. Contrary to what most people may want to believe, Bitcoin is not such a big threat in the online illegal activity circuit. In fact,  the most commonly used payment options pose a severe security risk.

Carding and PayPal Fraud Are Very Popular

Conducting an automated deep web search for the term “carding products” and “Paypal-related items” yielded some unexpected results. While it is public knowledge just about anything can be found on deep web marketplaces these days, the number of results was a lot higher than anticipated. Data dumps, email hacking tools, and botnets returned plenty of search results as well.

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