Paytm And Bitcoin Face Similar Struggles As Adoption Increases

Paytm is one of the largest e-wallet service providers in all of India. Every since the cash crisis took place, their number of active users has increased more than tenfold. While this success is a positive sign that most enterprises can only dream of, it is also a grave concern for founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Growth is paramount for any company, but what if resources get spread too thin?

Digital Payment Success Is A Double-Edged Blade

The findings presented by Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma are an eye opener for anyone who is interested in digital payments. Unprecedented growth for mobile wallet solutions is a positive sign for what the future may hold for India. That ecosystem, however, can only be sustained if the resources allow it. Expansion is good, but overstretching resources can quickly cripple any business.

In a way, Paytm and the Bitcoin network are not all that different. Both projects provide an alternative way of thinking about money while adding convenience to store and use it. Paytm is far more widely accepted than Bitcoin is, of course, but under the hood they share similar struggles and concerns.

For example, the Bitcoin network has the resources to expand exponentially

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