Pedo with the Biggest CP Collection Ever to be Banned from Working

When Christopher Daldorph was arrested last year, the National Crime Agency said they had uncovered the biggest child porn collection they had ever seen. The last 14 years while he was working as a radiographer, Daldorph spent an estimated 14 years searching the deep web for images and videos depicting sex abuse acts on children.

During the search of his home in April, police uncovered 1.8 terabytes of child porn. Daldorph admitted to spending on average two hours each day watching his grotesque collection. Almost all of the material had been found on the deep web, and law enforcement found over a million pictures and videos on his computers and hard drives.

Admitting to the charges right away, Daldorph was jailed for two years and four months; being charged with possessing and admitting ownership of indecent images.

Julien Weinberg, HCPC, confirmed that Daldorph’s registration had been suspended to prevent him from returning to his practice as a radiographer when he is released from incarceration. He was fired from his job at NHS after he was found guilty, and more than likely will be barred by the Health and Care Professionals Council this year.

The ban would ultimately result in Daldorph never being able to work for NHS, or any similar roles for the rest of his life.

With cases such as this, and the deep web related, infamous, Richard Huckle; who was dubbed as Britain’s worst pedophile for being found with thousands of homemade child porn videos and pictures he made himself while he taught English in the far east, it’s no wonder most of the deep webs traffic is thought to be made up of pedophiles and child porn advocates.

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