PedoEmpire’s “Lux”: Matthew David Graham Jailed For 15 Years

Matthew David Graham (23), who operated under the ”Lux” pseudo name on his child porn ring, was jailed for 15 years with a minimum of 10-year term by Victoria County Court. The Melbourne man started his ”career” at his parents’ house as young as 19.  He did not just run multiple hurtcore child porn websites (with more than 200.000 active users), but he also got involved with Australian paedophile Peter Scully and a horrific sexual torture video series called Daisy’s Destruction, which Scully made and starred in. Graham also admitted encouraging the rape and the killing of a child in Russia and the rape of a disabled seven-year-old girl in Britain. The 23-years-old man has also been linked to Shannon McCoole or ”Skee”, a child care worker who sexually abused seven children (6 from under his care).

Judge Michael Tinney stated that he never dealt with such offence before in his career:

”You were, in fact, a world player seeking to exercise influence and actually achieving influence on like-minded people in this country and around the world from the comfort of your bedroom in South Morang,” he told Graham in Victoria County Court.

The court also heard how the vile abuser controlled other paedophiles and gave them detailed instructions on how to produce child pornography content and abuse underage children.

On his websites, Graham offered his users hurtcore, the most extreme form of child porn, which showed the sickening torture and sexual acts being carried out on underaged children, even on babies or toddlers. Two of his dark web domains were called ”Hurt 2 The Core” and ”Love 2 The Core”, where the condition to become a member was to upload a certain number of videos. According to The Kernel, on these sites, ”users had access to child prostitutes, images under titles including ‘delicious little boys’ and ‘yummy little girls’, and videos of ‘sexy little’ boys and girls.”

Graham’s websites attracted up to 400,000 hits-a-day and included people who posted images of themselves abusing their own children. According to the court, the man’s child porn ring was so cruel that even other paedophiles refused to mix with him.

Graham is currently in solitary confinement after being assaulted in prison. Court also heard about the 23-year-old’s condition:

”Diagnosed with a schizoid personality disorder, Graham was disconnected from the suffering of the children, as though he were ‘from another planet.”

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