Peter Todd Worried About Those Willing to ‘Fork Bitcoin at All Costs’

Peter Todd Worried About Those Willing to ‘Fork Bitcoin at All Costs’

Bitcoin Core contributor Peter Todd recently discussed a variety of topics on The Crypto Show. Todd was asked if he is still worried about the possibly negative implications of a controversial hard fork induced by Bitcoin Classic or any other alternative Bitcoin client. said he is still worried about a hard fork due to some larger block size limit supporters who seem willing to “fork Bitcoin at all costs.”

Some Big Blockers Will Not Back Down

When Todd was first asked how he felt about his hard fork worries, he brought up the fact that some parts of the Bitcoin community seem ready to fork the blockchain no matter what. He stated:

“I would say I’m still very worried because I think we still have a contingent of people in this community whose views are: Let’s fork Bitcoin at all costs, we desperately need this block size increase, and we’re going to need a couple more immediately.”

Todd said this is the general view that he feels Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Blockchain CEO Peter Smith have expressed to him in his conversations. 

“I don’t think these people are going to necessarily back

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