pH Miners Inc.’s New Deal Offers $3000 Savings on Bitcoin and Litecoin Miners

The new offer allows customers to mix and match units according to their preference in Bitcoins or Litecoins. For example, if a customer would like two Bitcoin miners and one Litecoin miner, they will still qualify for the special offer and will be able to choose either a Bitcoin or Litecoin miner as their fourth free unit. No matter what assortment of miners they prefer, they will still qualify for the offer when they purchase three units at one time. With each device retailing at $3,000 each, this promotional deal offers fantastic savings to pH Miners Inc. clients.

pH Miners Inc. was founded two years ago with the aim to provide high-tech and highly profitable cryptocurrency mining solutions. All components of its Bitcoin and Litecoin miners are totally unique and developed independently with no third party technologies used. By working in this way, pH Miners Inc. remains dedicated to developing new, innovative technologies which can keep the cost of devices low while maintaining incredibly high levels of performance.

Speaking about the latest special offer, a spokesperson for pH Miners explained that it is this ethos for low cost and high performance which has allowed them to launch such a consumer-friendly promotion. “We’re

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  • WillemvanderM

    This site is so obviously a scam, 1 person on bitcointalk has already lost $3000, the company telephone number adress and photo are all fake. (it’s located in broadway and the ceo name is also the name of a famous dancer).
    buy this product if you feel like fonating $3000 to a scammer