Pharma bro Martin Shkreli lied about Bitcoin, so someone spent his genuine income on lube

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If kismet is a genuine thing, Martin Shkreli only done a pile sum remuneration on his sins in a form of water-based passionate lubricant.

The sequence of events started with a explain that Shkreli had purchased a disdainful rights Kanye West’s new album, “The Life of Pablo” for $15 million. In and of itself, this is believable, after all he had formerly purchased disdainful rights to a formerly unreleased Wu Tang Clan album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.”

We’ll let Shkrelli’s sweary tweets tell we how it all went down.

Nothing to see here, only an intensely splendid man assembly a dude that claims to be friends with Kanye and afterwards promulgation him $15 million in bitcoin. No large deal, right?