Philippines-Based Bitcoin Remittance App Enters US Market

Abra, the bitcoin remittance app, has made its way to the U.S. — via the iPhone and Android app options.

What that means is that Abra customers in the U.S. or the Philippines can send money to each other using the app’s digital wallet that works with their bank accounts. The company noted in its release that this is the first move in helping it expand globally.

Abra is a digital wallet that enables consumers to store digital money, or bitcoin, on their smartphones using the app. That currency can then be sent to anyone else who uses the app; all the sender needs is the recipient’s phone number. The money can then be moved into bank accounts or be taken to a bank to get physical cash.

“Our vision at Abra is to make it possible for the first time to send money across any two smartphones regardless of location, currency or mobile phone operator, just

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