Physical Bitcoin Exchange Office Opens in Moscow

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First-Physical-Bitcoin-Exchange-Opens-in-Russia2When it comes to dealing with Bitcoin exchanges, novice cryptocurrency users struggle with the concept of not dealing with physical entities. While very Bitcoin exchanges have an office in a physical location, one cannot just walk inside to buy or sell Bitcoin. That is coming to change, in Moscow of all places, where the first physical Bitcoin exchange office in Russia has opened its doors.

Russia is a country where using Bitcoin could have been punishable by law. Luckily the government has changed its mind, and will now refer to Bitcoin on the same level as other foreign currencies. This is excellent news for cryptocurrency as a whole, as many people were worried about the situation in Russia after the central bank issued a warning that “article 27 of the Federal Law on the Russian Federation Central Bank prohibiting the release and distribution of monetary substitutes in Russian territory” back in 2014.

Furthermore, this opens up future possibilities for the Bitcoin ecosystem in Russia. Particularly the exchange platforms in the country can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, they can now attract customers from both within Russia and beyond without worrying about regulation

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