Phytoextractum, a leading provider of plant extracts, Accepts Bitcoin

In an official announcement, Phytoextractum, a leading provider of plant extracts and botanical products, says that now customers can buy the products paying Bitcoin, a digital currency that is making great inroads around the world. Not just the company accepts Bitcoin but also offering 10% off to anyone buying with Bitcoin at the occasion.

It appears, Phytoextractum Plants Extracts decided to start accepting Bitcoin as currency for all online orders after a lot of deliberations. However, now that the company has decided that Bitcoin will be one of the payment options; customers would be able to cash in on the opportunity well. Bitcoin is easy and fast payment option as well as safe for customers.

Nonetheless, as Bitcoin is now here to stay, the company understood the importance and the role as well. Now it provides an easy method of digital payment that doesn’t require interaction with banks or other institutions. Additionally, Bitcoin works just as efficiently as other payment methods; thus, there won’t be any issues for customers.

The press release from Phytoextractum Plants Extracts also says that the company is offering customers a chance to try it out with 10 percent discounts on all purchases. Nonetheless, for those unfamiliar with Bitcoin,

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