Pittsburgh’s Financial Failure


Twenty one cities in Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, have faced a hazard of failure for several years. A subcommittee news in late 2013 suggested several means of mitigating this problem’s causes, including acceptance of digital banking to make remuneration of taxes and fines some-more convenient. City officials declined to approve with this suggestion, however, alleging that digital currencies like Bitcoin remained too flighty for such purposes. The city’s financial director, Paul Leger, pronounced on their interest that “We would need to see a longer tenure explanation of fortitude for digital banking to be good stewards of a public’s funds.”

Leger appears not to have listened of BitPay, a Bitcoin remuneration processor that offers giveaway and total remuneration processing. Bitpay immediately translates Bitcoin payments into USD, and deposits them into a recipient’s bank account. Contrary to Leger’s claim, such a remuneration process would equivocate any of a risks compared with digital currencies’ volatility.

A city orator serve pronounced that “Currently residents can't even frequently use credit or withdraw cards for all payments,” presumably since such remuneration methods’ doing would direct too most ability from a city employees. BitPay offers a resolution not usually of identical morality and preference as regulating a

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