Plea Agreement Of Former Political Consultant Made Public

The plea agreement of Ryan Chamberlain (44), the former political consultant who admitted the possession of toxins and a handgun after he had realized he had a chance for getting a life sentence biological weapons charge. Federal prosecutors are offering the man 2 and a half year of prison term.

Chamberlain has been in custody since his arrest in June 2014 and if he and US District Judge Vince Chhabria accepts the recommended sentence. When the feds raided the former consultant’s apartment in San Francisco, they found incendiary equipment, biotoxins, a .22 derringer handgun with the serial number removed and different kinds of bomb-making materials. He was arrested three days later in a nearby location.

Before he was arrested, Chamberlain was working as a consultant on local political campaigns and he was the district organizer in Gavin Newsom’s campaign in 2003. The Chronicle also employed him as an independent contractor in 2012.

Chamberlain was held without the chance to bail himself out as prosecutors considered him as a danger to society. According to them, the man was in the process of making a bomb, however, later they withdrew this charge.

According to the law enforcement authorities, the former consultant was using the dark web for buying two vials of ground rosary peas that contain an abrin named toxin. He did this in December 2013.

Chamberlain agreed to allow government monitoring of his internet use for three years after his release and he will undergo mental health treatment.

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