Plug Pulled On Keza App Allowing Bitcoin Investing In Stocks

Plug Pulled On Keza App Allowing Bitcoin Investing In Stocks

The Keza app, an IOS app which allowed users to invest in bitcoin stocks and fixed incomes, has closed down shortly after launching, according to its website. The project had received $357,000 in funding backed by Digital Currency Group and Jason Calacanis of HOF Capital.

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The closing marks a setback for bitcoin investing in stocks since the app offered a way to use bitcoin to invest in the stock market. Keza also promised an application for the growing remittance market since it offered a tool for cross-border payments and remittances.

A notice on the Keza website states: “The Keza project is no longer moving forward, we appreciate the feedback we have received from the beta users.”

While the website does not offer any more information about the concept, an archived version of the original website exists:

Bitcoin Uncensored interviewed Keza co-founder Simon Burns on March 31.

Why Did The Project Fail?

Reddit posts offer various

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