Police Push For a Law Requiring Canadians to Give Up Their Passwords

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At the organization’s annual news conference on the 16th of August, The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) passed a resolution that calls for a law allowing the police to force people to provide law enforcement with their computer passwords.

CTV spoke with RCMP Assistant Commissioner Joe Oliver after the conference where he explained that under current Canadian laws, the police have no way to legally compel users to hand over passwords. The resolution passed by the CACP is part of an effort to allow law enforcement to catch up with the digital age. “The victims in the digital space are real,” Oliver said. “Canada’s law and policing capabilities must keep pace with the evolution of technology.”

The resolution was intentionally passed during a time when the federal government began a study on cybersecurity to find a way to balance online freedoms with the police’s ability to enforce the law. The study will run until the 15th of October.

As pointed out by Motherboard, the CACP posted a report on “the challenges of gathering electronic evidence” as a backboard for the resolution, implying that the decision is influenced by recent events such as Apple’s refusal to unlock

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