PolkaDot Brings Multiple Blockchains into One Network by Unlocking Scalability and Extensibility

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Bitcoin Press Release: Dr. Gavin Wood and Melonport collaborate to provide the first decentralized digital asset management infrastructure with multiple blockchains.

November 14, 2016, Walchwil, Switzerland – Melonport AG announces its collaboration with Parity (Ethcore) and its founder Dr. Gavin Wood to launch “Melon”, a ground-breaking software for asset managers. Melon will be the first decentralized application on the revolutionary Polkadot multi-chain network.

The Polkadot concept by Dr. Gavin Wood, the founder of Parity Technologies Ltd and former CTO of Ethereum, will be explained today in a big breakthrough paper. Polkadot is a multi-chain framework that supports interoperability between wildly different chains with different properties including encrypted proof-of-authority chains suitable for internal enterprise networks ( – as long as they confirm to certain specifications). For the very first time in blockchain history, the different blockchains will form

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