PopChest Offers New Ways to Monetize Content Using Bitcoin

PopChest is a new platform which is innovatively harnessing the power of Bitcoin to monetize content while offering a Bitcoin based pay-per-view model. Individual artists, indie content creators can make use of PopChest to share their work and earn few bitcoins in the process.

Created by Valerian Bennett and James Poole, PopChest will allow artists to receive micropayments directly from their audience. Until now, it has been very difficult to include micropayments into any business model, mainly due to the exorbitant processing fee and minimum transaction limit fixed by credit card companies. This has been made possible with Bitcoin, which is divisible up to one hundredth of a millionth part and very low transaction fee associated with it (Ideally transaction fee can be completely eliminated for Bitcoin to Bitcoin transactions).

Currently in beta stage, PopChest is inviting content creators to make use of the platform to monetize their content directly. Publishing content on PopChest is a very easy process. Once the content creator uploads a video, he has to fill in all the relevant details including the Bitcoin extended public key (xpub), which is basically the Bitcoin wallet address. Once these relevant details are entered, a

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