Popular Arcade Game Launches Token Sale with Shapeshift


Spells of Genesis, one of the most highly anticipated arcade games of 2015, developed by well-known game developer EverdreamSoft, is introducing and implementing bitcoin and its blockchain technology in the game’s storyline and as an in-game currency.

Before the game’s launch on both iOS and Android Play Store, EverdreamSoft plans to host a crowdfunding campaign for its game and storyline development. Spells of Genesis will be using BitCrystal tokens as its in-game currency which can be used to purchase game items and to trade with other users within the game.

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The concept behind Spells of Genesis’ crowdfunding campaign is similar to Ethereum’s: People purchasing BitCrystals will become investors and will be provided with BitCrystals early on. BitCrystal is a tradable Counterparty asset, which can be traded and purchased on the Counterparty platform.

BitCrystals also operate on the bitcoin blockchain and therefore, there is not much difference in using bitcoin or BitCrystals.

“Both Bitcoin and BitCrystals are digital tokens operating on the Bitcoin blockchain, and both have monetary value,” Emily from ShapeShift told

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