President Bush’s Former US Director of Mint Offers a Fresh Option to Retirement with Bitcoin Investment

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Investing in Bitcoin as part of your retirement plan has been unheard of until now. A majority of the Bitcoin community has been using the digital currency mainly as a trade instrument. Other uses of Bitcoin so far have been as a medium of value transfer and short-term investments.  Breaking the trend, Bitcoin IRA is now showing the community that long-term, profitable Bitcoin investments are possible.

Bitcoin IRA is the first and only Bitcoin-based Individual Retirement Account in the United States. The digital currency company allows people to invest their conventional IRAs and 401(k)s in Bitcoin to gain much greater potential returns than the rest. The potential of digital currency in long-term IRA investments has been put into practice by none other than Edmund C Moy, better known as Ed Moy.

Ed Moy is a veteran in the US government, working in various positions for over a decade. The entrepreneur has served as the 38th Director of the US Mint and also as a Special Assistant to the US President George W Bush. As the Director of the US Mint, he was responsible for making the US Treasury General Fund richer by $1 billion in surplus.

Ed Moy with his experience in

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