Prison or a Presidency? Hillary’s Remaining Options

Bitcoin Watch Shop / By Dave Hodges / Nov 28th, 2016

On Nov 9th, in a early morning hours, we reported that Donald Trump had done a understanding with a demon and had concluded to not prosecute Hillary Clinton. When Trump clinched Pennsylvania, it was transparent that Clinton could not win, as a story goes, Podesta, “the Pizza man”, reached out to Trump’s Senior Advisor, Kellyanne Conway, and offering to not competition a tighten formula in sell for a guarantee to not prosecute Clinton. While a offer was being mulled over by a Trump insiders, Podesta delivered what was suspicion to be a benefaction debate to a nation. Yet, Hillary was nowhere to be found and it was anything though a benefaction speech. In fact, Podesta said, no preference had been made.. and we could be counting votes for a really prolonged time….” Shortly after that speech, Trump concluded to not prosecute and Clinton concluded to concur a subsequent day. In fact, Trump told 60 mins in a pre-recorded talk only over 48 hours after that “He did not not wish to harm a Clintons”, definition that he was going to live adult this discount and not prosecute Hillary. Case closed, right?

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