Professional DDoS Service vDOS Offline, Two Arrested

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Who said it’s hard to find good help these days? If it has got anything to do with hacking or cyberattacks, darknet is the “go-to” place.  One can find many “cyberattacks for hire” listings on deepweb marketplaces and forums. While it’s hard to vouch for their effectiveness, recent arrests in Israel prove that some of those advertisements are indeed true.

According to reports, vDOS is one such attack for hire service which will not be doing business anymore. The people behind vDOS, Utay Huri and Yarden Bidani were arrested by Israeli law enforcement authorities for masterminding various DDoS attacks all over the internet. The arrests come after a well-known cybersecurity blog run by Brian Krebs unveiled their identities.

Huri and Bidani have been running vDOS booter service for over four years earning over $600,000 (in last two years) in Bitcoin and fiat currency payments through Coinbase and PayPal respectively. They had also received credit card and debit card payments from some of their customers in the past . The online service may have been responsible for over 150,000 DDoS attacks. Their identities surfaced after vDOS itself became the victim of a hacking attempt. The hackers behind vDOS attack leaked a

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