Profiling Bitcoin Users with Google Trends Data?

Profiling Bitcoin Users with Google Trends Data?

How many times have you noticed advertisements relevant to your recent search on your favourite search engine show up on your browser? I guess the answer will be “every time”. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. track user’s location and browsing data to show relevant advertisements. Now that they have your data, what stops them from using that data for purposes other than advertising? Nothing (except for few privacy laws)!

It is no doubt that the search engine giant has enough data available to profile everyone depending upon their interests and search patterns combined with other publicly available information to guess who the person really is. But what about others, the people without access to Google’s big data regarding its users? They can do some exciting things too, even when it comes to profiling the kind of people who are interested in the pseudonymous digital currencies like Bitcoin and that’s exactly what a couple of researchers did recently.

Bitcoin is known for the anonymous nature of transactions. Even though Bitcoin transactions can be tracked easily, the identity of the person or people

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