Project leadership. 

Companies and open-source software projects alike have CEO, lead developers, or other forms of leadership. And that leadership exists not just to provide a face for the, but to make tough, even controversial decisions when needed.

Linus Torvalds, Linux's creator, undisputed leader of his creation.

Linus Torvalds, Linux’s creator, undisputed leader of his creation.

Apple has a long history of introducing controversial, disruptive changes to its business and plowing forward, from its long ago decision to abandon the Apple II product line (then, it’s cash cow) in favor of pursuing the Macintosh, to transitioning macs from using the Motorolla 68k series of processors to PowerPC chips, soliciting and gaining investment from their arch-Rival Microsoft, moving from the old-style MacOS to the incompatible Unix-based MacOS X, transitioning processors (again) from PowerPC to the Intel x86 family. Even “little” changes brought out the protesters, such as abandoning SCSI, ADB and serial port connectivity for the new-fangled USB; refusing to support Flash in iOS; dropping floppy drives; dripping CD and DVD drives. Each of these decisions (made by a variety of CEO’s, but mostly Steve Jobs) were controversial at the time, bringing out varying amounts of protest from users and

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