ProTip App Proposes Bitcoin Solution for Content Monetization

“This is about building tools that help facilitate conversations in markets.”

So says Chris Ellis of the ProTip micropayments project that is seeking to create peer-to-peer (P2P) mechanisms for people to support musicians, artists and other creators of digital media using bitcoin.

ProTip is a web browser plug-in that functions as a specialized wallet, designed to issue automated bitcoin payments every week.

Planned for an early May open-source release, ProTip creates a list of bitcoin wallet addresses pulled from websites most often visited by the user. Users can modify this list, set specific payment amounts and subscribe to particular bitcoin addresses. Other features, including paywalls and in-app messaging, are also planned.

Ellis characterized the challenge of creating micropayments services as a behavioral one fraught with complications. Ellis is one of several individuals behind the World Crypto Network, and has worked on other projects such as feathercoin and the World Citizenship cryptographic passport.


ProTip is one of a growing number of digital currency micropayments options. This list includes AutoTip, which Ellis cited in an interview with CoinDesk. AutoTip utilizes meta tags when identifying wallets addresses on a Web page – a feature

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