ProTip Offers a New Way of Bitcoin Tipping

After success of ChangeTip, the bitcoin based tipping and micropayments platform, there are many other companies cropping up with similar concepts. Coinbase, a big player in cryptocurrency industry has also filed a patent application at the US Patent and Trademark Office for its new tipping button.

ProTip is a new bitcoin based startup that enables users to tip someone with bitcoin from their Chrome browser. Developed by Leo Campbell and Chris Ellis, ProTip is an open source browser plugin that works with Google Chrome browser. The ProTip plugin comes with a built-in bitcoin wallet and allows users to send tips in a batch run instead of using multiple methods to tip artists or content creators they like on different websites from one single place.

Users can also choose a particular time of the day when they want to send out the tips and how much they want to tip whom. ProTip also provides the users with a dashboard that shows their internet history along with the duration of time they had spent on any site. ProTip works with a wide range of websites including Deviant Art, Flicker, SoundCloud, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and more.

The ProTip Chrome extension is designed in such a way that it will recognize and add any bitcoin wallet addresses available on a webpage so that the user can select the wallet address directly from the list and send desired amount of bitcoin to that address. Users can also block the extension from listing wallet addresses from certain websites or even specific wallet addresses for that matter.

ProTip also lets users manage their tipping schedule and budget by setting reminders, limiting the amount of bitcoin to be transferred and more. They can also toggle between automatic and manual mode and have much more control over ProTip extension.



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