PSA: Bitcoin Spoof Apps & Phishing Attempts on the Rise

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Bitcoin users need to be awfully careful when downloading wallets and surfing the web. Currently, there are quite a few methods of stealing cryptocurrency floating around, such ass spoof wallets on Apple’s App Store, and phishing emails claiming to be from the recently-hacked Bitfinex exchange.

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Bitfinex Phishing Attempt

phishing BTCOn August 2, well-known exchange Bitfinex had been compromised, reportedly losing 120,000 BTC ($60 million USD), and the company has been rather quiet. Users have been curious about whether or not their funds are safe, but with very little information over the past few days, they have been left wondering.

Unfortunately, during this silent time, someone has decided to send out some phishing emails that appear to be from Bitfinex. The company has recently released a blog post warning people about this issue. Bitfinex’s official message states:

We like to stress this is not a message sent out by Bitfinex, and we advise anyone that has received this email or any similar email to delete it immediately. Do not open the attachments and if you have opened the attachments do a full virus scan of your computer.

The phishing email explains the

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