PSA: DNM Avengers Forum Is Back

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The Darknet Market Avengers, properly known and referred to as the DNM Avengers, started ages ago as a service to promote harm reduction in drug usage related to the darknet markets. Both the Avengers forum and subreddit have been shut down for some time. Over time dramatic changes have been made, and as a result, the forum is back up and running. New user registration is now open to the public.

As a community, the DNM Avengers have always had harm reduction as the driving force behind the community. They aim to “democratize drug testing by allowing users to send their drugs off to a lab and then paying them back once they submit verified results.” A common example of this is under-dosed LSD, but the real harm reduction comes when a vendor’s “heroin” is found to be containing Fentanyl or even something more dangerous like Carfentanil.

The process is outlined as follows. Users send a portion of a substance ordered off a darknet marketplace to Energy Control, a drug testing lab that works in collaboration with darknet marketplaces. Energy Control then tests the product and sends the results back to the original user. These results are verified

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