Puerto Rico Debt Default Creates Bitcoin Opportunities

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Puerto Rico is not mostly mentioned in a certain calm when it comes to a financial sector. Neither is this story, unfortunately, as a nation motionless to default on a debt. But during a same time, a reason for doing so creates a lot of sense. All of this is still rather good news to pull Bitcoin adoption in a nation to new heights, though.

Defaulting on debt is never a good thing, quite not for a segment so deeply gladdened as Puerto Rico. However, Governor Padilla feels it is some-more vicious to compensate puncture personnel, teachers, and other vicious needs is a tip priority. In fact, he feels it is some-more vicious that profitable behind creditors who reason ubiquitous requirement bonds.

Fourth Debt Default For Puerto Rico

This proceed is a subject of estimable debate, though. While it is certain to see a supervision safeguard residents have entrance to essential services during all times, t is usually creation a problems worse. With a US$800m remuneration to be done to creditors, a elementary “no” will not suffice. Then again, a supervision usually has US$350m on palm as we speak, and no means to lift a additional income overnight.

Interestingly enough,

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