Pumpkin Pot Pops, Caramel Shrooms: The Dark Net Does Halloween

Marijuana caramels. Jack-o-latern-shaped ecstasy. Pumpkin Pot Pops. It’s not accurately candy corn when a dim net takes on Halloween.

Seasonal pumpkin-spiced treats and Halloween candy have pulled in billions, according to attention estimates, and now a dim net is removing on house with special Halloween drugs and even holiday discounts.

“Why not devour your mushrooms in a gratifying manner…trick or treat!” posts one businessman offered a jack-o-lantern made confection containing four grams of unusual mushrooms.

A package of five pumpkin-shaped pills of “Pink Halloween Ecstasy” goes for reduction than $23, a cost of around 4 pumpkin piquancy lattes. These dim net vendors are offered bootleg narcotics, though their listings still embody reliable warnings. The “Quad Dose Pumpkin Cake Pops,” graphic as nondescript white lollipops, are advertised with transparent instructions: “Start with half a cocktail to equivocate being spooked. Do not give to pretence or treaters.”


A Vocativ research has found that during slightest half a dozen of Tor’s subterraneous drug markets are charity Halloween specials like ignored heroin and “10 percent off” orange enjoyment pills.

It’s been dual years given a FBI close down a dim net pioneering marketplace Silk Road, though online drug markets are still going clever and supporters continue to reboot Silk Road models even after prior administrators are arrested.