Purse.io Shuts Down Site; Denies Bitcoin Theft Claims by Users

Hacking scandals have swept the commercial retail and digital currency sectors for the least three years, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Purse.io, the relatively new P2P service provider that links Bitcoin to Amazon, has allegedly lost the Bitcoin funds of many of its users, causing the site to shut down on Sunday.

2 Ways to Handle the Problem

When a relatively new company runs into a fairly large public relations problem, there are two ways to handle it. Own up to it, and admit culpability.

Luxury automaker Lexus did just this back in 1990 when faced with a decent-sized recall in their first year. Lexus not only admitted the mistake, but took it as an opportunity to show off its customer service chops, sending techs out to its customers personally to provide transport and fix the problems swiftly, regardless of where the customers were.

Unfortunately, Purse.io is not heading in that direction.

Purse users sounded the alarm on Reddit’s r/Bitcoin forum this weekend, with many users claiming to have received an email request from Purse.io to change their password. This was quickly followed by an unauthorized withdrawal request and confirmation. Losses ranged from less

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