Qora to re-launch soon

Qora, a cryptocurrency platform that launched last year with much ado and later failed and disappeared within a few months, is planning a comeback. This time around it will have a Bitcoin exchange, social network features along with the initial promotional support of Denmark-based Crypto Coins Exchange DK Aps (‘CCEDK’) with which it hopes users to take notice of it again.

Founded in 2014, CCEDK offers buyers and sellers a platform to make deals for their business directly with the crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., with the Danish exchange as an intermediary between the parties.

At the time of its inception last year, Qora had boasted that it “promises to be the best hope for the future of cryptocurrency” and that the community was “poised to gain market share in the current slew of altcoins [i.e. cryptocurrency] as a result of number of innovative features and the fast-moving development processes.”

What the future holds for the digital currency platform and that whether it will be successful to woo its users with its improved features only time will tell.

Originally appeared at: http://www.econotimes.com/Qora-to-re-launch-soon-73972