QuantikXanax Releases Intel from DrXanax Bust

QuantikXanax has recently disclosed new information per a arrests of a DrXanax team. In a Reddit post, Quantik says he sent a view into a courtroom, and sensitive a open that a group was expelled a morning of Oct 16th underneath despotic conditions.

“Not use a computer, not have a cellphone, curfew from 20h to 7h, not be in a bar/restaurant, no communication or communication with any other, news to a military hire once a week.”

Quantik claims that a Dr.Xanax group was regulating a genuine addition shops lapse address. This addition emporium in doubt non-stop a packages and called internal law enforcement.

“With a tracking, they got a video of a man who posted it.”

Afterwards, a call was sent out to all Canada Posts to assist identification. When a workman famous him, he called over another worker to check a automobile ID.

Law Enforcement than seized all a packages over a subsequent 9 days, followed him, bugged his car, and “found a remaining infrastructure.”

“The warrants were postulated discerning since a cops knew they would change their operation if they beheld a packages was being held.”

According to a Reddit post, Law Enforcement watched Georges use 17 different


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