QuantikXanax Releases Intel from DrXanax Bust

QuantikXanax has recently disclosed new information regarding the arrests of the DrXanax team. In the Reddit post, Quantik says he sent a spy into the courtroom, and informed the public that the team was released the morning of October 16th under strict conditions.

“Not use a computer, not have a cellphone, curfew from 20h to 7h, not be in a bar/restaurant, no interaction or communication with each other, report to the police station once a week.”

Quantik claims that the Dr.Xanax team was using a real supplement shops return address. This supplement shop in question opened the packages and called local law enforcement.

“With the tracking, they got a video of the guy who posted it.”

Afterwards, a call was sent out to all Canada Posts to aid identification. When a worker recognized him, he called over another employee to check the car ID.

Law Enforcement than seized all the packages over the next 9 days, followed him, bugged his car, and “found the remaining infrastructure.”

“The warrants were granted quick because the cops knew they would change their operation if they noticed the packages was being held.”

According to the Reddit post, Law Enforcement watched Georges use 17 different

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