Quantopian: Giving Individuals the Tools to ‘Compete with Wall Street’s Best’

One Boston FinTech startup, Quantopian, is open-sourcing its application to coders interested in researching and testing financial investment data. The company provides tools that allow anyone, if they have the ability, to “write market-beating algorithms.”

Founded in 2011, the company has raised US$24 million as a hedge fund startup, using crowd-sourced data to create and manage investments for many types of investors.  John Fawcett, chief executive and founder of Quantopian, told the Globe:

“The most important trend behind our business is the explosion of data available from the real economy.”

The history of the free software movement, which led to the creation of open-source software, took root in the 1980s, in part in Boston at MIT. Today, companies all over the world are open-sourcing all kinds of software, allowing anyone to take it and use it to innovate, which is resulting in exploding tech and FinTech growth.

Andrew Campbell, Business Analyst of Quantopian, sat down with CoinTelegraph for a discussion on how they are using open-source software to change the financial landscape.

Andrew Campbell, Business Analyst of Quantopian

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