R3 Releases Code for Distributed Ledger Tech Corda

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R3CEV, the startup behind the world’s largest banking consortium focused on distributed ledger applications, has made the code for its Corda platform freely available.

The open-source release coincides with R3’s contribution of the code to the Hyperledger project, the Linux Foundation-led blockchain effort first launched late last year. From here, the code goes to the Hyperledger group for formal acceptance.

Corda is envisioned as a permissioned distributed ledger enabling the management of legal agreements between financial institutions, with restrictions on which parties can see what types of information.

R3 has posted the codebase and other resources here.

The release perhaps caps a year of experimentation among the dozens of banks that compose the R3 consortium. Since January, groups of R3 banks have explored use cases in the areas of trade finance, digital identity and asset exchange. It also comes as R3 is raising funds from its membership, a process that has seen some of its members part ways with the group.

In a blog post published ahead of the release, R3 CTO Richard Gendal Brown explained that the release followed a debate within the company about at which stage the code for Corda

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