Raising Bitcoin To Provide Potable Water for Brazilian Dam Burst Victims

It doesn’t matter how many good deeds you have done, it’s always that one bad move which people always remember. I guess that’s what being human means and the same applies to bitcoin as well. While most people consider bitcoin and Silk Road two sides of the same coin, the bitcoin community in Brazil is trying to alleviate the aftermath of the recent dam burst.

Earlier this month, a dam in Marianna, Brazil owned by Vale SA and BHP Billiton Ltd burst and precipitated the collapse of another dam. While the immediate causalities included 9 dead, 19 missing and 500 displaced, the aftermath is much worse. Over a quarter of a million people in the region have been deprived of potable water, after 15.8 billion gallons of waste water with iron, mineral and chemical sediments polluted the surrounding water-bodies. While authorities are working on assessing the damage caused by this incident, bitcoin companies have come together to help the affected.

FoxBit along with BitcoinToYou, CoinBR, FlowBTC and NegocieCoins have launched a bitcoin donation campaign in order to raise funds for the victims. The campaign #BitcoinForMariana will be live till the end of this month and invites donations from the bitcoin community across the world. These companies intend to contribute a dollar for each dollar worth bitcoin donated for the cause.

Proceeds from #BitcoinForMariana campaign will be utilized to supply drinking water to those living in the affected area. According to their calculation, the cost of procuring a truckload of packaged water is around $1898 which involves only the production costs for 16,800 bottles (1.5 liters each) by Água Canção Nova . Waste water from the mine is said to have polluted the whole area, contaminating the soil and water. Even the vegetation and aquatic animals stands to be affected by the dam burst.


Those who are interested in contributing towards #BitcoinForMariana can do so by sending their bitcoin donations to the following address –


The bitcoin community has always come forward during times of disaster to help those in need. The support offered by the bitcoin community from across the world during the Nepal earthquake earlier this year is one such example and #BitcoinForMariana is not the last one.


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