Raspberry Pi as Bitcoin computer

Under the simple name of “The 21 Bitcoin Computer” the US company “21 Inc” will bring out a work based on the minicomputer Bitcoin system. The device will be available from the middle of this month.

What all is possible with Linux, Python and a relatively simple hardware, for several years shows the Raspberry Pi project. Several million copies of the mini-computer will be already gone over the counter, and almost every day there are new success stories, creative hobbyists do what with the computers all. That the minicomputer but also can be used for compute-intensive tasks, such as the mining of Bitcoins, is a bit unusual.

Thanks to an expansion board of the US company “21 Inc”, the micro computer can easily be a full fledged “Bitcoin Computer” convert, which can be used for mining, but mainly to secure payments and the provision of services. Referred to as “The 21 Bitcoin computer” device has therefore a micropayments server and interfaces to other systems, so that it can be easily used as a system for transactions. The solution can be used either as a standalone system or as an extension component of a Linux, Mac or Windows computers. The delivery of the

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