Raspberry Pi Powered 21 Bitcoin Computer to Hit the Market Soon

Bitcoin enthusiasts and hobbyists now have a reason to rejoice. They can soon have their own dedicated Bitcoin computer. The big boys who consider bitcoin to be a serious business play with millions of dollars’ worth of data centers fitted with custom ASICs, cooling systems and supplied with huge amounts of electricity. But those who just want to learn, have some fun, satisfy their curiosity and maybe set up a small online business or something can easily do all of them on the new 21 Bitcoin Computer.

The 21 Bitcoin Computer is created by the well-known digital currency company, 21 Inc. The Bitcoin Computer is a small ultraportable device powered by a Raspberry Pi processor. 21 Bitcoin Computer is as good as a full-fledged device that works on a lot of open source software and protocols. It comes complete with a Wi-Fi adapter, power supply, USB Cable and a 128 GB SD card. The system comes preloaded with Blockchain, Bitcoin QT and more.

The 21 Bitcoin Computer can work as a standalone device connected to a display and input devices or it can also be connected other computers running on Linux, Windows or Mac. It is the first

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