/r/BTC Moderator Steps Down As Bitcoin Community Remains More Divided Than Ever

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The Bitcoin village has been rather divided for utterly some time now. On a one hand, there are those who preference Bitcoin Core and will support a developers no matter what. But there is also a flourishing series of village members who wish to see a opposite developmental approach. Separate subreddits have been combined for these forms of discussions, though in a end, they are not so opposite after all. /r/BTC Is an glorious instance of good intentions that spin green eventually. 

When the /r/BTC subreddit was created, a design was rather simple. Exchanging ideas, contributing thoughts and voicing opinions were 3 categorical “ideas” being supported. There is zero wrong with a strife of views, as that customarily leads to creation and new ideas. But it looks like things have incited out a bit differently than many people anticipated.

/r/BTC Is Not The Fun Place People Think It Is

SouperNerd, one of a /r/BTC moderators, has officially stepped down a few hours ago. A lot of people flocked to this new subreddit after removing fed adult of /r/Bitcoin. Granted, Theymos and his organisation of moderators are using a really parsimonious boat over there. So tight, it even resembles censorship every

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