When popular Bitcoin exchange Cavirtex announced that it was shutting down this week due to security concerns everyone in the Bitcoin community was quite surprised. While this loss is indeed very startling, especially with the recent closure of Vault of Satoshi, it does not spell the end for the Canadian Bitcoin community.

Canadian roots

When Harborly commenced operations in 2014 it was a no-brainer that Canada would be our flagship launch. Canada has always been very open and accepting of Bitcoin, federal regulations are very favorable to startups like ourselves, and the community of early adopters and dedicated Bitcoin organizations such as Decentral offer the perfect recipe for building our infrastructure and beginning our global expansion. Time and time again, Canada’s Bitcoin community has proven itself to be one of the strongest in the world, and we believe that it will continue to show its might in spite of recent developments.

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Smart wallet security

At Harborly, we are committed to offering our users the most secure Bitcoin experience possible. Most importantly, we make sure never to control our users’ coins. We advise everyone to Bring Your Own Wallet, so that even if Harborly gets compromised, all customer funds remain protected and safe.

To take it further, we believe that almost every system should take a few cues from the principles of digital currency. In this spirit, we’re excited to announce an upcoming launch of a completely decentralized, multi-signature wallet system. KeyBox offers the seamless experience of a fully hosted wallet and the distributed security of a personal, localized wallet. More on this soon!

Reputable partners

We also understand that wallets are not the only area to be addressed when securing an online Bitcoin experience. That’s why Harborly adheres to the best possible practices when handling our users’ sensitive information and carefully vets and chooses our banking, processing and infrastructure partners (see our recent integration with Vogogo, one of the leading Canadian payment services).

Bitcoin is a new and exciting frontier, but one that comes with many new and challenging problems to solve. If you ever want to reach out to our team to learn more about how we protect your Bitcoin experience, or if you just want to chat, feel free to drop us a line anytime at


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