Reasons to Invest in the Upcoming ChronoBank ICO

ChronoBank is a blockchain-based recruitment platform that is being developed by Australia-based blockchain entrepreneurs and developers, including the famous Edward Group Limited.

Armed with a clear development roadmap, the blockchain project will soon launch its ICO with an intention of raising funds for further development. At the same time, the crowd-sale will bring adequate profitable opportunities for early investors.

But why should an investor invest in Chronobank? To rephrase: what makes ChronoBank so different? Answers to this question can make the decision-making process for the potential investors easier. For starters, the use of blockchain technology for recruitment is a relatively new thing and the ChronoBank project is attempting to do just that — with the support of a company operating in the industry for over 100 years.

ChronoBank is the first platform to come up with a time-based cryptocurrency, which is ideal for the recruitment industry as the labor is always measured in man-hours. The time-based cryptocurrency Labor Hour token is a multi-chain cryptocurrency whose value will be pegged against the value of fiat currency to eliminate the price volatility.

The use of Labor Hour tokens for making payments to the employees will allow businesses and companies to save on transaction fees and costs otherwise associated with cross-border transactions. The employees will receive payments instantly and can either choose to spend it directly through Labor Hour powered debit cards or trade it for their crypto or fiat currency of choice on the LaborX exchange.

The whole ecosystem will allow complete decentralization and democratization of the hiring sector by erasing boundaries between the employees and employers. The leveled field offers equal visibility and opportunities for everyone in the network. The reputation score associated with profiles makes the hiring process much easier.

ChronoBank has already announced multiple possible rewards scenario for the Time token holders. By considering the advantages of ChronoBank and the rewards program available on the website, investors can now decide whether they would like to be part of the upcoming ICO or not.

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