Rebittance Forced To Revamp Bitcoin Remittance Business Plan

Interesting news has appeared on Reddit this morning, as the Bitcoin remittance service provider Rebittance will be shutting down its operations.Even though Bitcoin and remittance seem to be a perfect match for one another, it is rather difficult to penetrate the market with a solution people are not actively looking for right now. However, the company is planning to forge a new path, by focusing on the Philippines first and foremost.

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Rebittance Revamps Its Business Plan

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Now and then, a technological solution linked to financial services is simply ahead of its time. By the look of things, Rebittance seems to fall under that category, as the company focused on bringing remittance solutions through Bitcoin. With its lower transaction fees and global currency allure, Bitcoin is a perfect fit to bring cheaper remittance solutions to consumers all over the world.

But at the same time, one has to wonder whether or not people are actually looking forward to using such a system. A lot of

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