Rebittance Forced To Revamp Bitcoin Remittance Business Plan

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Interesting news has seemed on Reddit this morning, as a Bitcoin remittance use provider Rebittance will be shutting down a operations.Even yet Bitcoin and remittance seem to be a ideal compare for one another, it is rather formidable to dig a marketplace with a resolution people are not actively looking for right now. However, a association is formulation to forge a new path, by focusing on a Philippines initial and foremost.

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Rebittance Revamps Its Business Plan

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Now and then, a technological resolution related to financial services is simply forward of a time. By a demeanour of things, Rebittance seems to tumble underneath that category, as a association focused on bringing remittance solutions by Bitcoin. With a reduce transaction fees and tellurian banking allure, Bitcoin is a ideal fit to move cheaper remittance solutions to consumers all over a world.

But during a same time, one has to consternation either or not people are indeed looking forward to regulating such a system. A lot of

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