Recession on the Horizon: What Will a Downturn Mean for Bitcoin?

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Many experts believe that the US economy is headed into a recession, and that recession will almost certainly become a pressing issue for whoever the next president is (likely Trump or Clinton).

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Fears about the future recession have sparked a conversation about how the next president, whoever that may be, will handle it. The policy proposals could be expansive, and they could go in completely opposite directions depending on the person in office.

The preparation for crisis could reach home — especially if Bitcoin takes off just as a recession ensues in the United States.

Is the US Economy Running Out of Gas?

It is believed that the US is just simply overdue for a recession after seven years of growth. Historically, boom intervals have lasted less than five years, with a bust of some kind inevitably following for a period of time.

The business cycle is a hard thing to predict. In terms of when a bust will happen and what exactly will happen during that bust is an almost complete unknown.

Looking to the Austrian theory of the business cycle provides little to no help in this regard, either.

While the

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