Record Breaking Player Wins a Massive 250 Bitcoin Payout

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July 15, 2016 London – The renouned Bitcoin casino BetKing is happy to announce that one of a players has won a outrageous record payout of 250 Bitcoins that has a stream marketplace value of approximately $165,000. The leader who goes by a name TRK_L8_UH-btches, is a unchanging high drum on BetKing and a obvious actor in a Bitcoin casino circles, won a record volume on Jun 23 in a singular bones roll.

BetKing is famous for outrageous payouts and this sold high stakes player, with his singular betting plan done use of his skills and a platforms high payout rates to measure a outrageous sum. His singular plan enclosed fixation a lot of vast bets trimming from anywhere between 25 to 100 Bitcoin until he placed a largest gamble of 250 Bitcoin to win a vast payout.

Previously famous as Pocket Rockets Casino, BetKing is a largest crowdfunded Bitcoin casino with an handling story of roughly 3 years. The height has an considerable lane record for vast payouts. In a final year alone BetKing gave out over 35000 Bitcoin to winners on a platform. Until final month, a record for top singular payout stood at

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