Reddit Bickers over Blockstream’s Bitcoin Developmental Intentions

The Bitcoin Foundation has been the centre of attention over the past year, albeit most of the focus has been far from positive.  Bleeding funds left, right and centre, combined with people placed in a position of power who only push their own agenda, has made the Bitcoin Foundation all but defunct.  Just yesterday, the Bitcoin Foundation shouted out to Blockstream, as their Bitcoin knowledge is “extraordinary”.

Blockstream – Funding Bitcoin Development with Money and KnowledgeBlockstream

In the past few months, Bitcoin core development has not been funded by the Bitcoin Foundation, simply because there is no money to do so.  While most of the major core developers can sustain themselves for lengthy periods of time, a permanent solution would be a step in the right direction.  

Blockstream, one of the rising stars of the Bitcoin community, has slowly started taking over Bitcoin core development.  In fact, the Bitcoin Foundation tweeted how Blockstream has funded more core development compared to the total amount funded by the Bitcoin Foundation over the years.  Additionally, Blockstream is being credited with an “extraordinary level of knowledge and depth”.

Despite that shoutout, it is important to

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