Reddit Moderators Censor Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin XT Discussions

The past 48 hours have been some of the most interesting, intriguing and worrying moments in Bitcoin history so far.  Various topics have come across social media and Bitcoin-related websites, such as the battle between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin XT (plus potential hard fork) and censorship on Reddit.  Everyone has an opinion, to say the least, but is all of this really about who is wrong or who is right?

Bitcoin Core vs. Bitcoin XT: Mud Slinging ContestBitcoin XT

Describing the relationship between Bitcoin enthusiasts and the moderators of the Bitcoin subReddit is like trying to explain the relationship of a dysfunctional family: everyone tolerates each other, but there are some unwritten rules that need to be abided by.  Failure to do so will result in eruptions of rage, childish behaviour, name calling and eventually, removal of posts because somebody’s cornflakes got ‘pee’d’ on.

Take the latest discussion regarding Bitcoin XT for example.  Bitcoin XT is a fork of the existing Bitcoin Core client, which enables support for larger block sizes of up to 8MB.  In recent months, there has been a lot of back-and-forth conversation between Bitcoin developers regarding the increased block size, yet it also divided the Bitcoin community in a way.

Whether or not the new Bitcoin block size should be 1MB, 8MB or anything in between, is way above this writer’s pay grade to decide.  However, both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin XT developers are trying to achieve the same goal here: strengthening the Bitcoin network and implementing an “upgrade” that is mandatory sooner or later.  

Granted, the block size is a topic of debate in terms of slower internet connections and data caps.  No matter how you want to look at the situation, these two clients are giving the end user a choice, which is exactly what Bitcoin was set out to do from day one.  Giving the individual user a choice on how to live their life, not just in terms of finance and technology, but also which type of Bitcoin client they want to use.

On a technical level, however, the clash of Bitcoin clients will cause a disruption in the network, which could eventually lead to two separate Bitcoin blockchain.  It goes without saying this issue needs to avoided at all costs, even though it might also open up the door for an “improved” version of Bitcoin to be released in the future.

It will take quite some time until the matter between both sides is resolved in a civilized manner; a handful of developers are in charge of Bitcoin Core, and find it normal to make decisions on their own, without caring about the community.  Bitcoin XT seems to care about the community first and foremost, and wants to stick to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for Bitcoin in the future.

Reddit Censorship : Outrageous Act Of Unprofessionalism By ModeratorsBitcoin Core

To make this topic even more heated than it already was, a discussion on the recent Bitcoin XT release was greeted with multiple posts being deleted on /r/Bitcoin by the moderators.  Such an outrageous act of censorship is in violation with Satoshi Nakamoto’s desire to make Bitcoin “for everyone” and not just whoever the /r/Bitcoin moderators deem worthy.

According to one Reddit moderator – StarMaged – any discussions providing a link to download the Bitcoin XT client, is deemed to be “alt-coin software”.  How a moderator, who should have the best interests of the Bitcoin community in mind, can be so blatantly disrespectful and ignorant is a mystery to most people.  He then further goes on to explain that “The majority doesn’t matter.  As long as a non-trivial number of people use the current chain, XT is off-topic.”

Depending on how you want to read that last comment, it seems like the /r/Bitcoin moderators feel privileged enough to tell the entire Bitcoin community which software client they should use.  If that isn’t a clear indication of who is actually running the Bitcoin show, and trying to destroy it at the same time, then what is? None of the /r/Bitcoin moderators have any business in the Bitcoin space, as they only want to push their own agenda by the looks of it.

Source: Let’s Talk Bitcoin Forum

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