Report: Increase In Parcels Containing Drugs In Estonia

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A recent report by the Tax and Customs Administration (MTA) in Estonia revealed that the number of packages containing narcotics arrived in the country has seen an increase.

According to the report, the International Postal Department seizes an average of one pack a day that has drugs inside. The number of narcotics packages intercepted by Estonian border authorities have been growing since the past few years. Also, not just the number of parcels has seen an increase, but the average quantity of substances inside. According to the report, over the past few years, the average quantity of narcotics seized increased from a few grams to ten as many as 100.


Senior Inspector Reet Õunapuu from the Tax and Customs Administration (MTA) confirmed that drug shipments are detected more frequently in the country.

A few weeks ago Estonian customs intercepted a package with over 100 grams of hash inside.

“There are more and more websites offering illicit drugs on the internet. Since these internet shopping pages are public, it is believed that buying from there is permitted, “speculates Õunapuu.

A few years ago, customs seized packages

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