Report: Investing and Asset Management Holds Greatest Potential for FinTech

A new report has found that over half of the respondents believe that segments investing and asset management, payments, and crowdfunding/lending have the greatest potential for the future of FinTech, but that revenue development lies in blockchain companies.

The report, FinTechs in Europe – Challenger and Partner [PDF] conducted by Roland Berger, looked at 248 FinTech companies from 18 European countries.

According to the report, 55 percent of those surveyed stated that investing and asset management hold the greatest potential for FinTech companies; 54 percent said it was payments; and 52 percent claim it lies in crowdfunding and lending.

Roland Berger

However, when it comes to revenue development, optimism is in blockchain and crowdfunding/lending companies who are expectant of market revenue development per segment by 2020.

Overall, 66 percent expect a strong increase in their respective segment’s market revenue by 2020; however, for blockchain and crowdfunding/lending this number was significantly more, both indicating over 80 percent.

A Rise in FinTech Companies

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