Report: Investing and Asset Management Holds Greatest Potential for FinTech

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A new news has found that over half of a respondents trust that segments investing and item management, payments, and crowdfunding/lending have a biggest intensity for a destiny of FinTech, though that income growth lies in blockchain companies.

The report, FinTechs in Europe – Challenger and Partner [PDF] conducted by Roland Berger, looked during 248 FinTech companies from 18 European countries.

According to a report, 55 percent of those surveyed settled that investing and item government reason a biggest intensity for FinTech companies; 54 percent pronounced it was payments; and 52 percent explain it lies in crowdfunding and lending.

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However, when it comes to income development, confidence is in blockchain and crowdfunding/lending companies who are trusting of marketplace income growth per shred by 2020.

Overall, 66 percent design a clever boost in their particular segment’s marketplace income by 2020; however, for blockchain and crowdfunding/lending this series was significantly more, both indicating over 80 percent.

A Rise in FinTech Companies

Since a financial

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