Report Says: Dark Net Marketplaces To Imitate Organized Crime

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Dark Web Markets are getting more similar to traditional organized crime features, the latest reports from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) says. According to the institute, drug dealers based in Australia are the most common users of the “system per capita” than any other nationalities.

The NDARC’s Drugs Trend Project, which has been monitoring dark net markets since the year of 2013, reports an emergence in extortion, server attacks and “conflict over digital territory” between online marketplaces and third parties over the past 12 months. Joe Van Buskirk, research officer at NDARC made this statement about the dark net markets in general:

“Because of the anonymizing features of the Tor network, there is no concern for legality. Any sort of substances can be sold.”

According to the research, the most common drug on the marketplaces is cannabis followed by pharmaceuticals and MDMA. Van Buskirk added this:

“Marketplaces on the dark net operate in a very similar way to eBay. They have a feedback system where both buyers and retailers are rated on the efficiency of the transaction, and the quality of the substance.”

A long-term user of dark web marketplaces was also asked about the topic. She was initially

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