Research: US Blockchain Industry Big on Bitcoin, UK Most Diverse

Research: US Blockchain Industry Big on Bitcoin, UK Most Diverse

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Research suggests that while a U.K. might be behind a U.S. with a series of blockchain startups, it leads a approach in farrago compared to any other country.

The world’s initial blockchain startup tracker was introduced by Outlier Ventures in May of this year. Its aim was to yield a extensive overview of a several projects and information per a scarcely 1,000 blockchain startups opposite a globe.

Interestingly, while many might consider that a U.K. has a top series of blockchain startups, it is, in fact a U.S.

According to Outlier Ventures blockchain tracker, it found that after inventory a nation and segment of all a blockchain startups, a U.S. came in with usually underneath 40% while a U.K. usually available 16.7%, that was significantly improved than Canada’s third place with 3.3% and China’s fourth place with 3.2%.

However, notwithstanding a fact that a U.S. might be forward when it comes to a commission of blockchain startups, Outlier Ventures state that London is a blockchain FinTech centre for a series of reasons.

Namely, that a city offers a ideal regulatory environment

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