Researchers Create Deepweb Scanner for Upcoming Cyber Threats

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According to Forbes, a team at Arizona State University has developed a machine learning system that actively monitors deepweb traffic for zero-day exploits before they actually happen.

In July, the news was covered in articles filled with information on the fully undetectable ransomware, Stampado, that was available to be purchased for only $39. The deepweb is filled with data dumps and the contents of website hacks and as the public grows more aware of the growing threat, so do security researchers.


The Arizona State University team’s approach is somewhat of a groundbreaking measure when it comes to cyberdefense. One of the more current tactics companies employ is to offer bounties for security bugs and exploits. This gives the company an opportunity to silently deal with the issue and provides the hacker an incentive to use the discovery for a less malicious purpose. The exploit bounty usually pays less than what the data such an exploit could provide but some exceptions do exist. Google, for instance, offers up to $20,000 for specific types of intrusions.

In a document published by the developers

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