Researchers Design Network they Claim is Faster & Safer than Tor

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Shortly after the latest breach in Tor, MIT security researchers claim to have developed a network that’s not only more secure than Tor, but also capable of downloading large files in a tenth of the time. The new network, PCMag writes, incorporates several well-known cryptographic techniques but utilizes them in a new, more secure way than any technology currently on the market. The system is flying under the name “Riffle.”

According to the press release, Riffle will be using an array of servers that “permutes the order in which it receives messages before passing them on to the next. For instance, messages from senders Alice, Bob, and Carol reach the first server in the order A, B, C, that server would send them to the second server in a different order — say, C, B, A. The second server would permute them before sending them to the third, and so on.” Someone at an end node or exit server wouldn’t be able to make any sense of the information; it would be in an order that is completely scrambled.

The press release mentions three types of encryption Riffle will be using. The first is onion wrapping, which is fairly

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